Sept 23

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

We went to the zoo on Sunday…. Ellie’s first zoo visit. Kids bought her a giraffe stuffy. We ate lunch at Scott’s. Ellie starting to suck thumb.

Elliot Grace’s room

Sunday, August 25th, 2019

4 kids…. 4 bedroom house. We had to get creative. We decided that for now anyway, the answer lied in our Xtra large master closet. We had a contractor come in shortly after Ellie came home and make 1/2 of our closet into a nursery. It came out really well, and though we aren’t quite done decorating it, there are some photos and a video of the room. It comes with cool color changing chandelier and google mini to create the perfect ambiance for sleeping. She loves it and has been an amazing sleeper so far!

“There is cool shit to do” – (Avenue Q)

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

A day spent at Camp Tawanda again this year with the McCloskey’s and their friends. Kids loved being on the lake, and pretty much stayed there all day. They tried every combination of boat/paddles. We got to visit with Ella and the kids adored spending time with her and Chris.

Flip and Twist

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

A new week of summer vacation.  As long as the day contains a little structure and a lot of “free time”, it seems to go well so far this summer.  We went to Target in the morning. Evan had some birthday money he wanted to spend. He got a Jurasic World lego set. He is dying to see all the movies, which I am fine with. Evan doesn’t scare easily and has never complained of nightmares.  However the other two would definitely have nightmares so we’ll have to find a way for Evan to see those movies with just a dad at some point. Today the kids didn’t swim at all, but Evan went to visit with David D in the afternoon and they swam. Sophie and Max enjoyed their afternoon together, mostly giggling about something they were doing on the iPad.  They were in such a silly mood I was a little scared that they wouldn’t focus at gymnastics..but they did. Max didn’t put a hat on  ALL DAY long!  Even at target in the morning, and Gymnastics this evening.  Something switched in his head, and he is now liking his hair cut and is over whatever it was that was bugging him about his hair for the last two years.  He did however use some sort of waxy product in his hair today… I think it was lip balm…

Fathers Day – 2015

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Summer has started and the first 2 weeks of summer vacation have gone by quickly.  This week the kids went to Camp X at Rollings Hills Church and seemed to really enjoy it.  I sort of feel like real summer begins tomorrow, though I have to come up with some plans soon – at this point we don’t have much planned.  The kids just love to relax and have free time so I want to try to let them do as much of that as we can.  Big break thru yesterday with Max and his hats!  For about two years he has worn a baseball cap 24/7 except for showering and swimming.  We know there is some issue he has with his hair, but hasn’t really been able or willing to tell us what it is.  He has never had a professional hair cut.  However, Evan and Max started gymnastics at Flip and Twist with Sophie this week, and I think that moved Max along – and he has been exploring different hats all week.  Daddyo bought new clippers and yesterday Daddyo and Max talked about it and Max ended up with an awesome new hairstyle. Though Max put a hat on to go the store yesterday, He spent the whole day without a hat at home, even when Brockmyers came over for a swim and dinner!  Today is fathers day.. though for me personally  it isn’t a big deal. I try to explain to people that as family of two dads that both Mothers and Fathers Day just aren’t a big deal. I observe that the celebrations for these days largely fall on the spouse of the opposite gender, and I actually feel fortunately that we don’t feel like we have to do that.

Last Days of Summer

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Last full week of summer vacation.  We went bowling, we went to Johns Incredible Pizza, had friends over to visit with us.  We also continued to get ready for school by doing a little bit of school work each day. Max was mostly exempt from doing any work – mostly because trying to get Evan and Sophie to do theirs was tough enough. Sophie does it willingly, Evan on the other hand, fights it all the way most days. I am hoping that this gets better as we get back into the school year.  Evan really likes bowling. Over the summer he has taught himself how to take steps before rolling the ball down the aisle. His throw got pretty hard by the last time. Sophie has a very smooth roll, done correctly, though the ball still goes quite slow. Max still stands there and sort of just hurls it down the aisle.  Sophie started soccer practice this week. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm. This week we all went to watch. The boys seemed to have fun playing together while Sophie played soccer. Sophie seems to be enjoying it quite a bit!

August 1, 2014

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Friday night at the Bowik house. Busy week. Max had dental work on Monday, and then promptly got sick. He got 3 crowns and a few cavities fixed. Full anesthesia for the 75 minutes worth of work. Very stressful for Dads, but in the end not a huge deal. Needless to say, after 2 kids with great teeth.. we are going to have to watch #3 carefully! Max recovered quickly from the oddly timed 48 hr bug, but, today, Evan got sick and has spent most of the day sleeping. A nice little hot spell got the temperature in EDH up to 108F. So tonight we are taking it easy. A little hamburger helper, a bottle of wine for dads, AC on full blast and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

“What the hells wrung with expressing yourself” – Billy Elliot

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Despite our hopes, our oldest two children are growing up to be terribly predictable.  Evan can’t stand pink, will only eat from blue plates, won’t touch a barbie, etc. Sophie loves pink, hello kitty, barbies, etc.   Our last hope for a child who bucks the trend just a little is our Maxwell.  Perhaps it is because he is the third, and because he has an older brother and an older sister to look up to and emulate, but he does seem to be a little less concerned about gender specific roles.  Max loves cars, trucks, and trains, even more than Evan ever has.  He can spend hours lining up his matchbox cars and racing them down the orange tracks. However, we are very happy that he also loves to spend time with Sophie playing “Barbie”. His favorite is his “princess and pop star Barbie” that Santa gave him for Christmas. Actually, Max picked this particular Barbie out as a Christmas present for Sophie.  A week before Christmas, however, Sophie made it quite clear she did not want this gift from Max.  It seems that Max’s obsession with this Barbie (and Barbie movie) had made Sophie not like it.  So Max picked a new gift for Sophie and that Barbie ended up in Max’s pile from Santa.  Max loves this Barbie.   He seems to be slightly aware that perhaps it isn’t a typical boy toy because sometimes he will play with her in his room, and if we come into the room, he will act shy and ask up to leave.   Why does he thinks we would care?  We have no idea. I don’t think we have ever said anything that would make him think we would disapprove.  This is a concern for us though. We have tried to say more positive things around all three kids when they want to do something that might be considered less typical for their gender.  Max also loves to dress up .. as all kids do. His dress up tends to be less gender specific than the older two, but does seem to act a little more shy when he puts on a dress.   Most often he won’t pose a picture in a dress.. though this time he was happy to!

New rooms…

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

We are in the middle of saying goodbye to our beloved au pair Nicolas. Can’t believe a year is over already! We made the decision  to not have another au pair. Mainly because the house was getting so small and we really wanted Sophie to have her own room. Below are some pictures of changes we made to the house – but it changed the feel of the entire house so dramatically, it really makes the house feels twice as big. The kids having toys in their rooms, and a TV room separate from the adult space and living room, combined with Max being able to navigate the stairs freely have us feeling like we live in a large house!!


Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Max is talking up a storm these days! Some of it very comprehensible and clear. The one thing he really hasn’t grasped saying (or doesn’t want to) is “Blanket”. He is the first of the kids to be attached to a blanket, and carries his most of the morning and night. Thank goodness he hasn’t started to want to cart it around during the day. His word for his blanket is “mickey”. We think it is a shortened version of “my blankie”  – but we love it and hope it sticks around for a while!