1st Annual Winter Fair Play Games

Thursday, January 1st, 2009
Post Christmas week was especially special because the MacCloskeys joined us for a few days in Fair Play. We had an amazing 2 hour lunch at Bocconato, went on a beautiful (though short) hike, and had the first of what I hope to be many “Fair Play Olympics”!¬† The idea came from a game we played last year with the our parents¬† (sort of a shopping competition) during a weekend we all spent together. We expanded on that idea to include a cooking competition, two athletic competitions, and two card/board games. Teams were chosen at Random. The favorites going into the weekend had to be the beauty, brains and brawn that the Jennifer/Ella/David/Evan team possessed. However, the scrappy team of Jim/Adam/JP and Sophie had thier eyes on the prize from the beginning! In the end, the underdogs came through with a 15-10 point victory highlighted by a very serious soccer game that ended in penalty kicks!

"It might be miles beyond the moon, Or right there where you stand" (Peter Pan)

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