“Little girls, Little girls” (Annie)

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Another camera, some good photos, and only 1 new post in the last week means that I am a bit behind in posting some of my favorites so I am trying to catch up on Saturday morning!

Sophie is 10 months old now. (8 months by due date – but we pretty much have stopped adjusting her birthday when we look at milestones now) She still has no teeth, but is doing pretty well gumming some of her favorites like cherrios and rice crackers.

"When you are smiling it's so delicious" (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

One cute little girl, one gay dad with a talent for making hats, one sudden rainstorm, and one red clothe napkin – Voila! – we have the picture below. (taken by friends in Hawaii – so we just got it the other day)

"Its just a little bitty piss ant country place" (Best Little Whorehous in Texas)

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  1. JP you could start a fashion career in hats! 😉 Sofia is adorable – LOVE that big smile!

  2. OK that red napkin pic is my favorite one on the blog so far! Too cute!

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