“Happy Birthday Darling” (Bright Lights, Big City)

Friday, May 1st, 2009

April 30 2009 was Sophie’s 1st birthday (and Daddy’s 42nd). Though we are having a party with family and friends on Saturday, we celebrated a little with Nana and Papi on the real day. Sophie’s favorite thing of the evening was the balloon. She also got a doll, and great little pink princess “car”, and her own chair with her name on it. We got her a cake to “play” with, and got one for Evan too because we knew it wouldn’t go very well if she was the only one with a cake. After cake, Daddies went out to dinner to celebrate Daddy’s birthday, and Nana and Papi put the kids to bed.


Sophie gets a bday balloon from Papi


Evan brings Sophie a present to open


Sophie opens a present with a little help from Evan


Sophie opens a present from Nanna and Papi


Sophie's cake - and a practice cake for Evan.


Evan is trying hard to learn to blow before his second birthday!


Sophie gets her hands on her birthday cake!


...and gets her first taste..


A few seconds later she is using her spoon to enjoy her cake.

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