“I’m just a little girl….” (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Sophie had her 12 month check up yesterday. She continues to do really well. The doctor said that we can go off formula and on to milk now. That is exciting for us for a few reasons. First – Sophie never really loved her formula or her bottle. Second – I can’t wait to get rid of the kitchen cabinet that is full of formula, bottles, and nipples. Third -We won’t have to worry about always having bottle/formula with us when we go out!

We have tracked both kids on “growth charts” at the website www.mybirthcare.com since they were born. Even though most people say don’t compare your child to others, it is still fun to watch their progress. Sophie was only 4 lbs when she was born and didn’t even register on the charts. She has continued to grown and though still small for her “non-adjusted” age, the charts look good and she continues to move slowly into towards the “middle” of the chart.


Sophie's weight chart


Sophie's height chart - we aren't sure why there was a "dip" there, but have noticed that some nurses stretch them out more then others when they measure them, and a 1/2 inch makes a huge difference!

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