“Summer Lovin’, had me a blast” (Grease)

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

We took Friday off and spent a long weekend in Fair Play. Great timing for the first long weekend of the summer season. The weather was gorgeous, even a little hot! Pizza at Fitzpatrick Winery also started the week before, so getting up there in time for Friday night Pizza is an extra bonus this time of year! Both Evan and Sophie loved the pizza – Evan always has, and Sophie loved her first time. (They stopped serving in November – so Sophie was only 6 months last time we were there!)

Two birdnests had been built right outside the back door. We got some great pictures and video of one of them in which 5 babies had hatched just that day!


newborn baby bird!


Daddy and Evan enjoy some wine, playdough, and pizza at Fitzpatrick Winery


Friday and Saturday were both very hot, in the 90's. Kids spent a lot of time in their little pool.


Sophie looking at herself in the mirror..

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