“Walking off my tired feet” (Follies)

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Sophie can now officially walk. She has been standing, cruising, and taking a few steps here and there for almost a month now, but yesterday she officially changed from crawling to walking as her favorite way of getting from one place to another! She is very pleased with herself, and loves to show off.


Sophie walking on the grass at Renwood Winery.

We spent the weekend in Fair Play with Lolo, Lola, Nana and Papi. It was a great long weekend – we got there on Friday night and left on Monday afternoon. Wine tasting, Swimming, BBQ, and lots of play time. Neighbors had a new colt born two weeks ago, so we took a walk over there to visit.


Evan got to walk right up to the colt, who warmed up over time and let him get close and closer.


As Evan got almost close enough to touch the colt, he bent over and grabbed a piece of grass and held it out for the colt....unfortunately at that moment the colt decided that was close enough!

Back in SF, the relationship between Evan and Sophie continues to evolve.  I think as Sophie has started to walk, and started to say a few words (Da, Kitty), Evan is looking at her in a different way. He still thinks that everything is “mine”, but he also talks about her a lot, telling us what is hers, what she needs, and what she is doing. “Sosie cry”, “Sosie juice”, “no Sosie”. Tuesday evening after dinner we were playing in the play room, and Evan decided he needed to wash an apple.  We weren’t sure if it was the washing or the eating he was most interested in, but he ended up eating the apple. After a few bites, Sophie became interested in what he was doing, so we asked Evan to get Sophie an apple. He very nicely went to the refridgerator and got one for Sophie. They then sat on the floor to eat their apples together.


Sophie still only has 4 teeth. This was the first time she was tackling an entire apple.


Evan was being really nice about sharing his apple, which was easier for Sophie to eat because he had started it already.

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