Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

About 3 weeks ago we evolved into Daddy’a’ and Daddy’o’.  We had been using Daddy for both of us since Evan was born. Up until 2 months ago, it worked fine. If Evan said “Daddy” and got the wrong one, he would just say “no – other Daddy”. We knew Evan was starting to struggle to differentiate when once in a while he would refer to Daddy JP as “JP”.  We had also noticed that over time, Evan used the word “Daddy’a’, and seemed to be talking about Daddy David when he used it. We were  at the beach one Sunday, and Evan and Sophie and I were walking in the sand. JP had stayed with Max up at the edge of the sand and was watching us. Evan and I were talking and had this conversation:

Daddy David:  “Daddy is up there with Baby Max”.

Evan: “no, Daddya here”

Daddy David (realizing he had to do something to help him): “Yes. Daddy’a’ is right here. Daddy’o’ is up there with Max”

Evan: “OHH! Daddy’o’ up there with baby max?!”

Ever since that moment, Evan has been very happy referring to us as Daddya and Daddyo!

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