“Oh what a circus” (Evita)

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Daily life in our house is still crazy at this point. Max sleeps through the night once in a while, but most often wakes up at some  point for another bottle.  Evan and Sophie are still struggling with their sleep habits – mostly at bedtime. Dad’s still haven’t had a great nights sleep since October.  However, each day also gets more fun as we watch all three of them change and grow. Sophie is talking,  Max is starting to sit in his bouncy chair and grab and things, and Evan knows his abc’s, sings along with songs in “Chitty Chitty”, and hit another growth spurt so he now once again stands a full head taller than Sophie.  We have many wonderful moments, and bath time the other night was one of them –  calm enough to get a bunch of pictures  and some video.




Bath time from David Bowik on Vimeo.

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  1. My kids are older but I do remember, fondly, those bath time moments. Fun times!
    Great looking kids!

  2. Too cute!

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