“The world will never be the same” (Hamilton)

Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Almost a year in to the pandemic. School for Evan, Sophie and Max has been an interesting year. Max has evolved quite a bit. He has Mrs Brennan this year. She has been amazing at keeping the kids engaged, and being a real, if only virtual, pretense in his life. Max is lucky to have two close friends in his class, Adam and Eleanor. Max has learned a few things as the year has gone. He has become quite good at monitoring himself, making sure he gets his work done, and being present and respectful in class. He will try, once in a while, to get away with something. We have to check on him a couple of times a day, but really, we are very pleased with the maturity he has shown. Most impressively, Max has worked very hard to get his room and desk, a great place for learning. Of course it serves as his gaming location also, but because he can only game on the weekends, during the week his awesome space is dedicated to school. He spends a lot of time organizing and moving things around to keep it functional, cool looking, neat, and interesting for himself.

“Say Please”!

Sunday, January 17th, 2021

Another post about Ellie. Yes, the other three kids exist, but as tweens and teens, their changes are harder to identify and track. Ellie is talking more and more every day. She will try to say most any word, sometimes it comes out sort of correct. She is also starting to put thoughts together. Like pointing and saying a word at the same time. Like pointing to a dad and saying “cockie” (meaning coffee) when we wake up in the morning. Today she also brought her sippy cup to me in the kitchen and said “please” while signing for milk. This was the first time I had heard her use the word please without being prompted.

Ellie Goes Potty

Monday, January 11th, 2021

Jan 11 2021. Ellie has been taking her pants and diaper off for a couple of days now. Talking a lot about poop and pee. She sat on her little potty a couple of times yesterday, but nothing happened. This morning after breakfast she was pulling on her pants and walked over to me and said “poop”. I took her up to her potty, and she sat down. She got up and walked around a bit, and I encouraged her to sit back down. After a bit, she called me over, and proudly showed me the small puddle of pee that was in her potty! Yay! I really wasn’t looking forward to the process of potty training, we will see how long the process actually is!

Oct 15

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

Ellie said Sophie’s name today. Her first real name. It came out most like “do Dee”. She said it in the Am a couple of time, send then again when I picked her up from nana’s. The smile on Sophie’s face was about the biggest smile I have ever seen on her. Truly a very Special moment.

July 2020 – Ellie

Monday, July 20th, 2020

Ellie is no running, climbing on everything and getting cuter by the day. After ‘yeah’, daddy, and jessie, she started using more and more words very quickly. Her use of Daddy is adorable. She calls all 5 of us daddy! Her 4th word was definitely “up”. Toward the end of July, she uses this A LOT! She has also started shaking her head “yes” instead of using the word “yeah” more and more often. “Ball” is pretty much her 5th word… especially when in the pool she uses it a lot. The pool.. she still swims just about every day. She is great at blowing bubbles and doesn’t mind getting splashed or getting her face wet. She loves dropping things in the pool, loves to visit with the “duck”. (which might be her 7th word.. we can’t quite make it out but I think she wants to say it). Her 6th word, i believe is “google”.   She pronounces it “owl”.  She tries to talk to it in her room.

July 2020 Update

Saturday, July 11th, 2020

4th full month of SIP. We have continued to be very careful.  It’s been a summer at home. There has been lots of video games, lots of swimming, though as the summer wore on, less swimming from the kids. Ellie swam almost every day though. Overall,  Evan, Sophie and Max have been amazing. They play together so well, stay busy, stay happy and help out around the house and with Ellie so much.

Growing- June 24

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Walking progressed slowly until June 10th. She started making longer journeys, and we caught here walking all the way down the hall, turning and walking back. By June 12th she was walking more than she was crawling, and a couple days after that, she gave up crawling completely. Now, on June 24th, she is in constant motion and wants to walk 24/7! Ellie still loves the pool. It’s hot now, so we swim every day after her second nap. We have started giving her an otter pop whie she floats! A few weeks before that, we realized that she was Definitely saying two words. dada was becoming clearer and she was saying it more to get our attention. She was also using “ya” for “yes”. There were definitely times we would ask a question and get a “ya” answer, for something she definitely wanted. On June 12, on the video with Jessie, we realized that she also has a word for Jessie. “Jeji”! On June 23, yesterday, she say a cat on TV and very clearly said “kitty”! Not sure why, we don’t talk about kitties a lot.. but it was definitely a word she kept saying whenever she say it. So her first 4 words: Dadda, Yes, Jessie, and Kitty!

May 6 2020

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

Birthday 1!! A first birthday during COVID-19. Turns out they can be lots of fun! We are so lucky that we have a backyard that is perfect with celebrating with family. I think the older kids enjoyed it as much if not more than Ellie.

April 29 2020

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

Ellie is still crawling all over the place. She is standing up a lot, cruising, and a few times has taken 2 or 3 steps without holding on. She loves playing the piano, and crawls into the foyer to play it all the time. She is also very quick at crawling up the stairs! Words are almost starting. We think “Ba” may be bottle, and “eee” for puppy or jessie… not sure yet though.

11 month old! April 6 2020

Monday, April 6th, 2020

Ellie turned 11 months on April 6. Her adoption day was suppose to be April 7th, but we suspected it would be delayed due to the COVID lockdown, and it was. At this , point we don’t have a new date and are just waiting patiently. We would love to have it done, and the kids really really want to have it done. It doesn’t feel like it changes anything, but there is sense of finality to it all that we are all looking forward to. Meanwhile Ellie continues to grow and change and impress! She has eight teeth now, and is eating more and more food. Getting ready to give up formula, down to 3 bottles (or parts of bottles a day) Her favorite foods are Bananas, Carrot Risotto, and Cinnamon Raisin toast. She isn’t quite walking yet. Standing without support since just about her 11 month bday, and then cruising around the ottoman, and to the couches a lot. Today the kids said twice that she took one step as she turned and moved towards them. Ellie is also loving swimming! Pool finally got warm enough this week for kids to go it. Ellie has her Unicorn float and LOVES LOVES LOVES to float around and splash.