Maren’s Birthday

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Great day spent with Family and Friends. Also happened to be Fleet Week and the Blue Angels were in town. Turned out to be great timing because about 5 days ago – Evan became completely infatuated with Airplanes and birds.

caption #1

I'm Trix, the aviatrix....queen of the sky (The Drowsy Chaperone)

Arriving at Ghiradelli Square

caption #2

I'd rather be sailing..yes I would (A New Brain)

The theme was Kings and Queens!

Caption #3

oh I just can't wait to be king!! (The Lion King)

Even Sophie got to dress up!

caption #4

once in your life you'll find her... (The Boy from Oz)

I overheard a great conversation between Dalton and Sebastian shortly after this picture was taken. I came in half way through the conversation and just heard Sebastian asking Dalton, “but who do you like better?”  To which Dalton replied “well, he is my cousin!”  – at which point I knew what they  were talking about. At any rate, Evan is very lucky to have a big cousin that loves him that much!

caption #4

we've got magic to do...just for you... (Pippin)

One thing that really surprised us was that Evan was willing to wear his robe/cape the whole afternoon!

caption #6

future's so bright

Sophie didn’t get to do a whole lot of socializing with other kids, but there were plenty of grandparents and even a space just for kids under a year old!

caption #7

take a dive and swim to daddy (Sweet Charity)

Eventually it was time to blow out candles…

caption #8

When you wish upon a star (Disney)

..and then back to the Cleary household. The parents got to socialize, and the kids got to watch “Home Alone”, which Evan didn’t really care about – but wanted to be in the middle of anyway.

caption #9

Let's celebrate remember a year in the life of friends (Rent)

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