Bridge that gap, fellows….

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

We spent this Sunday afternoon with friends Doug, Dennis, and Lonan. We went accross the bridge to the Bay Area Discovery Museum where Lonan and Evan played with all the cool things.


"Ole man river" - Showboat

After playing, we all went up to the hotel and sat outside near the firepit, had a glass of wine, a snack, and let the kids run around a bit. Amazing views and great weather for late November made for a really nice late afternoon and some great photo ops.


"Where troubles melt like lemon drops" - Wizzard of Oz

Both families got pictures taken


"such a stunning coat of many colors" Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

As night approached, the boys played nicely while the Dads got to relax.


"We're an act like Crosby and Hope" - Grey Gardens

There happened to be very little wind, so we stayed until it got dark.


"Burnt out ends of smokey days" - Cats

And then it was back over the bridge and home…


"Play day is done" - Babes in Arms

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