Growing up

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

A lot of changes recently. It seems like every day at least one of the kids has a major breakthrough! Since this is not only a blog, but also a place for Evan and Sophie to look back on one day, I thought i would take time to talk about some of what’s new. Today was Evan’s 18th month check up – which also reminded that I need to track some of the things that are happening to them both.


Sophie has started to eat, and loves it. Probably more then she enjoys drinking her bottle. She went quickly thought the stage one foods, and is now on stage two. In the picture below, she is enjoying her first cracker. Despite still not having any teeth at 7 1/2 months, she is very happy to chew on a cracker!

Below is another cute picture. Sophie is definitely Daddy JP’s little girl – JP has the patience of a saint – and Sophie has required most of them over the first 7 months. Even as she grows into a sweet, smiley and much quieter little girl – they still have a very special bond and nothing can be better then a little time together. Manicures are already a favorite passtime for both Dad and Sophie.


Evan is talking up a storm. We haven’t really kept track of words that he says, so I thought I would make note of them her. Now, not all of the below words are said correctly, but he definitely has a word that sounds liket the real thing, and we can tell the difference between them.

Below – kind of in order of when they were learned, and not necessarily a complete list, but those that I canĀ  think of right now…

“Dada, Cat, light, apple, Banana,bottle, bird, bath, lion, plane, pirate, giraffe, no, yes, mama, water, sophie,”

LIGHTS, and anything that flies have been favorites of Evans for long time. He also loves to fly in the air, which is why I am posting the picture below.

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