Sunday, December 21st, 2008

David is on vacation now until the 31st! Yippee! Saturday was predcited to be the only sunny day between now and after Christmas, so we decided to spend the day outside as much as we could. Playground in the morning, lunch out, and then naps. After naps, it had started to get dark and cold, so we stayed in and played around theĀ  house.Evan’s new word today was his cousins name “Maren”. Very clearly stated when he saw the Cleary Christmas card with the three cousins on it. (Dalton and Kendra got big smiles, but he couldn’t quite seem to make the names come out!)

"Tell me where my desk is, when we eat, how much I'll be paid" (Thouroughly Modern Millie)

"We'll play a game" (Light in the Piazza)

and of course.. Evan had to Play “Airplane” again!

"When you get caught between the moon and..." (Boy from Oz)

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