“It Might as Well Be Spring” (State Fair)

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

MLK day meant a long weekend in Fair Play.  David Parker joined us for the weekend, and we had a wonderful time enjoying the weather, good food, wine, and fun outdoors and in with the kids.  The weather was stunning, and flowers have started to bloom! Namely roses and camellias…

"unbelievable sights" (Aladin)

We had two amazing lunches at Bocconato. Highlights included an incredible lamb carpaccio, and spezzetino d’maiale.

"It's delightful, its delicious, It's de-lovely!" (Anything Goes)

Sophie still doesn’t have any teeth, so her choice of food at lunch is limited to chewing on the occasional piece of bread, and hanging out with Dad in the sun.

"High flying adored. so young, the instant queen" (Evita)

Not having teeth doesn’t prevent Sophie from having Gelato.  She had a mouth WIDE open to get in as big a spoonfull as possible, while keeping an eye on her brother to make sure he didn’t eat it all!

"Feasting her belly" (Pippen)

The great weather also enabled David, JP, and David P to all get out in the yard and get thier hands just a little dirty!  What use to be a rose garden covered in Wisteria – is no more.  It may have been beautiful a few weeks a year,  but in general it was just an eye sore between the house and the view.  We also took a few minutes out to chop down three small trees with an axe that were also sort of blocking the view.

"One man likes to push a plow" (Oklahoma)

Evan loved being outside in the yard, and was anxious to help by picking up some of the smaller sticks that had fallen.

"and I hear he carries several whips" (The Scarlett Pimpernel)

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