“Its got to happen, happen some time” (Cabaret)

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Yesterday was a pretty full day. Daddy David  and Sophie went to look at condo’s with Nanna and Poppy in the AM. While they were out, Daddy JP was brave enough to take Evan to get a haircut. I say brave because we pretty much know that getting his hair cut is not one of his favorite things. He was fine with it up to about 13 months, and then all of a sudden – he started hating it! Daddy JP says he sat still, but cried the whole time. We do take him to the coolest kids  place in town – they have cars to sit in during haircut, videos, and more toys then we have at home – but none of that seems to matter. When all was said and done – Evan ended up with a  cute new look.

dsc_1431After nap time it was time for our monthly “gay dad’s meet -up” at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Its a great place, and we enjoyed it. Unfortunately the rain kept everyone indoors so the “dad’s socializing” part of the day suffered because we were all in different buildings chasing different kids doing different things. Highlights for Evan were definitely the “train room” and the “noise room”.  Sophie climbed her first set of stairs in the train room – about 7 or 8 wooden steps leading up to the platform where the boat is.


Dinner time rolled around and we went home to eat. After Sophie and Evan had eaten, Dad’s were busy cleaning and eating and Evan went about entertaining himself. Evan gathered up the muffin tin from the cabinet, and Sophie’s left over baby food, and we found him at the table spooning the food into the muffin tin.


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  1. I love BADM, but certainly not on a rainy day…

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