“These are the games I play” (March of the Falsettos)

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Lot’s of playtime over the last couple of days. The indoor playspace at the local rec center is still great on rainy days – which we have had alot of lately. Friday night after work we did our normal thing of taking the kids to the kids space and then Nanna and Poppi joined us for a pizza dinner at “sausage factory”.

I think I mentioned a few days ago that Evan now uses the word “mine” quite a bit. Funny thing is that it is no too soon, because it happens that as Sophie learns to motor herself around and grab the things Evan has, the word “mine” has to be used quite a lot!

Saturday afternoon we went to the California Academy of Sciences again with our friends Doug, Dennis and Lonan. Highlights at the museum this time included the “Kid’s Cove” play area and the aquarium.

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  1. lol…i use mine alot…thats mine mine mine, dont touch it.

  2. We really need to get out to the Academy of Sciences. Did the kids really enjoy it?

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