“Whatever Lola wants” (Damn Yankees)

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Sunday night was Lola’s birthday celebration. A great way to cap off a weekend, we all sat down to a birthday dinner. We are a pretty big group now, the Cleary 5, the Bowik 4, and all 4 grandparents –  means that sitting down for dinner is quite the event! Thank goodness there are plenty of grandparents to help, and plenty of cousins to entertain each other. For the first time, we used a “kids” table. Evan sat with the Cleary kids – and clearly enjoyed his independence! He ate a TON – non stop from before dinner to after dessert! For now – Sophie sat in her high chair and and enjoyed the “grown up” table – but I am sure the time will come very quickly when she can also sit at the “Kids Table”.

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  1. Our LIttle One loves the ‘BIG GIRL” table (the adult table) and tends to eat a good deal…her table manners are amazing , considering her Dads’ are not so muchLOL…ah, they grow so fast, and mature before we know it.

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