“Another chance, Another day” (Rent)

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Things continue to go well in the household. April has been a good month! Both kids have been healthy, and Sophie has slept through the night every night for two weeks straight! Sophie is getting so close to being able to walk by herself. No “first step” yet, but she cruises, and she can stand up without holding on – she just wants to be holding on if she is going to take a step. 


Sophie can get anywhere she wants to go now. She is actually a better climber then Evan was at the same age, even though he was walking.


Evan is all about being a big boy, and wanting to do things the 'grown up' way. This picture is of him eating his first real bowl of cereal - and at the counter instead of in his chair at the table.


2 Responses to ““Another chance, Another day” (Rent)”

  1. So cute! Love hearing about your family and the differences between Sophie and Evan. Glad everything is going well and Sophie is sleeping through the night (knock on wood).


  2. Sophie is at such a great age. You can almost see the wheels spinning in their little heads. I look back so fondly at that age. I also cherish Christopher’s current age (Evan’s age). Like Evan, he is starting to say “myself” or “me do it” when it comes to eating. I love it.

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