“Beside you is where I will stay” (side show)

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

First of all, if you have never hear of the musical “Side Show”, its worth looking into. The music and lyrics are heart wrenching and describe a sibling relationship that I think is one of the most beautiful.  It reminds me a lot of what I hope for Sophie and Evan. Pictures I caught this morning make me so happy that they have each other now, and always will.

As Sophie gets older, the 10 months between them has begun to shrink quickly. When Sophie was born the weight difference between them was 20 pounds. (Sophie a small 4 pounds and Evan a big 24 pound 10 month old). Now they are 9 pounds apart (20 to 29) and a stranger asked JP the other day if he had twins! Sophie now has a sippy cup and this morning they were just enjoying being brother and sister.


Sophie looks up to Evan so much. She watches everything he does, and wants to follow him everywhere. That is tough for a 22 month old, who is just discovering himself as an individual, and wants to assert his independence. “mine” and “me” are favorite words, so understanding that Sophie is also part of his life can be challenging. Evan is a gentle soul, and a overall good kid though, so more often then not we get scenes like where they are playing together, experiencing each other as they grow together.


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