“I want to row on the crew” (Anything Goes)

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

It took us a few weeks, but we finally got Evan a real toddler bed. We were debating about exactly what to do for a few reasons. Many books say toddler beds are a waste, and you should just go from crib to real bed. Many cribs convert to a toddler bed, but the ones we have in SF do not. We didn’t want to have something we were only going to use for a  short time, and we weren’t sure exactly where to put it, given we are saving Evan’s crib for baby #3. When we saw the “boat” bed though, we knew we had to get it for him. We brought it home the other night, and Evan loved it immediately.  So now there are two cribs, and one toddler bed in the small bedroom that has become our nursery – we’ll make decisions about who goes where when we have to!



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  1. I love his big-boy bed! We have not yet switched to the big-boy bed. I am not looking forward to this transition…

    Baby #3…still cannot believe it. You go, guys!

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