“the best of ev’rything..” (The Producers)

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Time has flown by over the last couple of weeks. Nana and Papi stayed with us in our house while waiting to get their new house in SF.  We all enjoyed having them stay with us. For Daddie’s, it certainly made things easier! For Evan and Sophie, it was great to see them all the time.  Nana and Papi moved into their new house on Wednesday.  In between postings to the blog, there was a trip to Fair Play, and lots of changes to Evan and Sophie!

Evan’s new favorite phrase is “me like more (fill in blank)”, he also has started to develop his negotiating skills. They sound something like this. “Evan, its time for bed”  to witch he responds. “no, not yet. More Calliou please, ok? allright. yeah”

Sophie is beginning to stand her ground and get a little more assertive about things she wants. She no longer (always) just sits downs and cry’s when Evan comes and tried to take something out of her  hands! Her language is coming along, though still mostly sticking to the basics. (more, dada, nana, hot, kitty)

A bunch of pictures below from the last few weeks.


Pizza at Fitzpatrick winery on Friday night

Evan poolside in Fair Play

Evan poolside in Fair Play


Sophie playing in the pool in Fair Play


Evan eating corn


Sophie "eating" corn with the new cornholders.


Evan and Sophie sitting in toy chest filled with stuffed animals

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