“Such a pretty face, such a pretty dress, such a pretty smile, such a pretty me!” (West Side Story)

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Life continues to pass at a dizzying speed! Nana and Papi moved into thier new condo. Merrit, Eric and Tess are here visiting for 2 weeks. Preperations for the new baby continue to ramp up.  We think that we are at 27 weeks right now.  Sophie was born at 32 weeks – that is 5 weeks away. We are hoping of course that we get to at least 35 weeks.  We still don’t know baby gender, we are hoping that Angela will be able to come up this week for a visit to John and UltraSound, etc.  We have pretty much decided that we need an au pair. It seems to be the thing that works best with our life. We know that even with help from family, there are still going to be times that we need an extra adult around.

Kids continue to do really well. Evan is really into story telling. He has a few favorites like the carousel (“…up, down, up down….), the fire alarm (….beep, beep, beep….). He launches into these long strories of which we don’t understand too much, but there are certain parts he always does that we do understand. Sophie has been quite attached and perhaps a little under the weather. She had MMR shots at her doctors appointment  and it seems to have affected her more then we remember with Evan. Sophie is also physically changing a lot, which prompted the title to this entry and the picture selection.





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