“Our lives will change when tomorrow comes” (Miss Saigon)

Monday, October 12th, 2009

It’s been a full weekend!  To pick up where the last post left off, it turns out that Evan has “hand, foot, and mouth disease”. That’s my self diagnosis, but it seems  right on. Not a big deal at all, but the symptoms are “general malaise and lack of interest in solid foods” which is exactly him over the last 3 days.  Matthew arrived from Switzerland on Friday night. We kept busy the whole weekend, and despite Evan not being himself, the kids both made progress in bonding with him. We couldn’t be happier with our first experience with an “au pair”!   Over the weekend we had Maren’s 5th birthday party, a trip downtown on the trolley, a trip to Half Moon Bay pumpkin patch, and a party to celebrate Lolo’s birthday, and Matthew’s arrival.  On top of all this – we are still waiting for little Max to decide he wants to come out of Mom’s tummy!


Evan and Sophie help Lolo blow out candles


Our family portrait - we feel so blessed to have our wonderful parents, Angela - who has given us the gifts of our lifetimes, two and a half wonderful kids, and the best au pair in the world!


Very pregnant Angela!


Evan giving Sophie a big hug and kiss!


Evan relaxing at the end of a long day


Matthew checking something in his English/German dictionary.

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