“The Pajama Game”

Monday, January 25th, 2010

It has been a very interesting few days. It was about Thursday, Jan 21, that it all started. It happened to be Matthew’s 21st birthday, but that comes in a little later. We noticed that in the morning, Evan would climb into Sophie’s crib, and they would play there until 7 O’clock when it was time to get up. The playing got more and more creative each morning. Finally on Friday morning, I went in to get them up, and they were both laying on their backs in Sophie’s crib. Every book, every stuffed animal, and most of the toys were in the crib with them. They also had all of the little blue “diaper bags” in there with them and were giggling wildly as they kicked  and threw them in the air.  Later that day and the next morning the pattern continued. We took more and more things out of the room that we thought could cause problems, and Evan continued to get more daring when in came to climbing in and out of the crib. He would now gladly demonstrate to us how he would climb on top of the changing table, along the top railing of the crib, while holding on to the wall and/or top shelf. We told him over and over he couldn’t do that, but it wasn’t seeming to have much effect.

Saturday night, Daddy’s took Matthew to dinner and drinks for his 21st birthday. Nanna and Papi came to babysit and put the kids to bed. This was the 23rd, and Max was now 3 months and 3 days old.  We got home at about midnight, and Nanna reported that despite a few issues with Evan and Sophie, they were sleeping soundly in thier room. Max had drank his last bottle at 11, and was sleeping in his basinet in our room. Much to our surprise and delight, Max slept through the night silently until 7 Am the next morning!

The story doesn’t end there. Today is Monday, and the trials of bedtime continue. The positive side is that Sunday night was another full night of sleep for Max! The not so great side – it has gotten tougher and tougher to manage the Evan and Sophie show downstairs. Last night I went down to their room at 9 PM because of some rather loud giggling which had turned into tears from Sophie. I got in the room and found Evan in her crib again, this time smearing diaper cream all over Sophie’s hair – as well as everything else in the crib. UGH!! Tonight we were faced with another challenging evening. As parents we felt fairly unprepared for the situation.  Evan and Sophie have been great sleepers (incidently since April 1, 2009 – when Nanny also got Sophie to sleep throught the night for the first time), so we really haven’t had to do a lot of work to get them to sleep.  Faced with another evening of craziness, Daddy’s decided that perhaps the best thing to do this evening was to graduate Sophie to a “big girl bed”. She is a similar age as Evan when he demanded no more crib, and we thought that perhaps removing the main source of frustration would help the Evan crawling int he crib problem. We took Sophie’s mattress off the crib, unassembled the crib to remove from room, and waited to see what happened. NOTHING. NO CHANGE. Evan still wanted to be in Sophie’s crib, and now Sophie could just get up and walk away. (and she did -right up the stairs to find her daddy’s!) So back downstairs Daddy’s went trying to get them to go to sleep in thier own beds. after an hour or tow, we thoguth we had it and left.  At 10 PM, we went to check on them and tuck them in. Sophie was sleeping on her back on her mattress, and Evan…well he was sleeping on her mattress as well, with his feet over her. Though we were tempted to leave them like that for some sibling bonding time, we decided to move Evan to his bed.

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  1. Oh dear.

  2. Well on the plus side it was not in Max’s bed. Evan can climb into Alyssa’s crib. Tasha is in a big girl bed but since we got our new bed she wants to climb in Evan’s all the time. Good Luck! Let me know if you come up with n e good solutions!!

  3. Wow. And, to think we were thinking of moving Matteo into Christopher’s room just to get an extra room. Hmmm…

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