“When from out of the sky like a bomb comes some little punk in a rocket” (

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Evan turned three on Sunday. We planned a different sort of celebration for him this year. We noticed at Sophie’s 2nd birthday party that Evan didn’t seem entirely thrilled with a large group of kids in the house, and lately when we are in large groups of people he will tell us he would prefer to be somewhere quiet. There were a few things we knew however, that we wanted to incorporate into his day. The first was “Toy  Story” – he is a big fan! The second was “Chuck-E-Cheese” – he has been asking to go there since he saw a commercial on TV. The third was time with his cousins.

So on his birthday morning, we sang him happy birthday with a candle in a muffin, and let him open his presents from Daddies. He was thrilled with his Buzz, his Woody, and his Slinky (as was Sophie). In the afternoon we met just two friends at Chuck-E-Cheese. Evan LOVED it and ran around the entire time, only taking time to sit for a few minutes to have pizza and a cupcake.  On Monday evening, his cousins and grandparents came to our house for Pizza and birthday cake. It turned out to be a perfect 2 days for Evan – he loved every  single minute of it.

Evan 3rd Birthday from David Bowik on Vimeo.

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Evan!

    We hope you enjoyed your somewhat quiet birthday party.

    Christopher and Matteo

    PS let’s get together soon. My daddies have a new kitchen and playroom.

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