“I’m working on my roar” (Lion King)

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Max’s first birthday – Oct 20, 2010

Max turned one!   Max’s birthday was fun for everyone. He got a very special birthday present from the kids Mom! Mommy came and celebrated with grandparents, cousins, aunt Lisa, uncle Bob and godmother Kathy.  Mommy brought gifts for the kids – light saber like things that the kids loved = and the fact that they came from Mom made them that much better!  Max got lots of awesome presents including his very own chair!  After a year, Max is still the same very happy baby he has been since day one! He loves to laugh and to crawl after Evan and Sophie. He says “Da” and sometimes “Dada”. His first word other than that was either “nana” (banana) or “hot”.  He was crawling very quickly, but not quite walking at his first birthday.

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