“I get a kick out of you” (Anything Goes)

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

The family made an exciting trip to Southern California this month. The highlight of the trip was having the kids meet their biological Great Grandma Connie (Angela’s Mother’s Mother) and Grandpa Gary (Angela’s Dad).  It took each of them a few minutes to warm up, but by the end of our morning together all three of them were playing around the house, happily eating the snacks provided by Great Grandma, and showing off their strength, beauty and intelligence to Grandpa. All three made us very proud, and made Great Grandma and Grandpa very happy. Daddy’s came away from the morning understanding a little more why these 3 kids are so special! What an incredible family of caring, smart, loving and VERY HEALTHY people they were born into!  I also found out that Grandpa watches the blog for updates, so (for you Gary) I promise to be more diligent about getting stuff on here!


Evan shows his grandpa his buzz lightyear.


Max takes a snack from Great Grandma


Max shows Grandpa how strong he is


Max gets a kiss from Great Grandma Connie.


take a look at this yard... the home of great grandma.. does it all herself!


Sophie, Evan and Max sitting on Grandma's step watching the kitty cat.

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