“Look, it’s Springtime” (Producers)

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

A great weekend in Fair Play. Bittersweet because we decided to rent out our Fair Play house to our friend Sarah and her family for at least the next year. With Daddy David doing real estate in the city, it means we will have to spend more time at home on the weekends, and going to Fair Play just won’t happen all that much. We had a great time in some great weather. ¬†Eating outside, Playing in the yard, visiting Fitzpatrick’s for lunch and the beautiful new Skinner Winery. ¬† Evan and Sophie seem to enjoy the time up there, but there are also the times they don’t want to go outside because of bugs! We’ll try not going for a year, and see what happens. We’ll probably have to go up anyway to visit – there is just too much up there that has become part of our lives not to visit for Pizza night, Boccanato, and Wineries.

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