“What the hells wrung with expressing yourself” – Billy Elliot

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Despite our hopes, our oldest two children are growing up to be terribly predictable.  Evan can’t stand pink, will only eat from blue plates, won’t touch a barbie, etc. Sophie loves pink, hello kitty, barbies, etc.   Our last hope for a child who bucks the trend just a little is our Maxwell.  Perhaps it is because he is the third, and because he has an older brother and an older sister to look up to and emulate, but he does seem to be a little less concerned about gender specific roles.  Max loves cars, trucks, and trains, even more than Evan ever has.  He can spend hours lining up his matchbox cars and racing them down the orange tracks. However, we are very happy that he also loves to spend time with Sophie playing “Barbie”. His favorite is his “princess and pop star Barbie” that Santa gave him for Christmas. Actually, Max picked this particular Barbie out as a Christmas present for Sophie.  A week before Christmas, however, Sophie made it quite clear she did not want this gift from Max.  It seems that Max’s obsession with this Barbie (and Barbie movie) had made Sophie not like it.  So Max picked a new gift for Sophie and that Barbie ended up in Max’s pile from Santa.  Max loves this Barbie.   He seems to be slightly aware that perhaps it isn’t a typical boy toy because sometimes he will play with her in his room, and if we come into the room, he will act shy and ask up to leave.   Why does he thinks we would care?  We have no idea. I don’t think we have ever said anything that would make him think we would disapprove.  This is a concern for us though. We have tried to say more positive things around all three kids when they want to do something that might be considered less typical for their gender.  Max also loves to dress up .. as all kids do. His dress up tends to be less gender specific than the older two, but does seem to act a little more shy when he puts on a dress.   Most often he won’t pose a picture in a dress.. though this time he was happy to!

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