Fathers Day – 2015

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Summer has started and the first 2 weeks of summer vacation have gone by quickly.  This week the kids went to Camp X at Rollings Hills Church and seemed to really enjoy it.  I sort of feel like real summer begins tomorrow, though I have to come up with some plans soon – at this point we don’t have much planned.  The kids just love to relax and have free time so I want to try to let them do as much of that as we can.  Big break thru yesterday with Max and his hats!  For about two years he has worn a baseball cap 24/7 except for showering and swimming.  We know there is some issue he has with his hair, but hasn’t really been able or willing to tell us what it is.  He has never had a professional hair cut.  However, Evan and Max started gymnastics at Flip and Twist with Sophie this week, and I think that moved Max along – and he has been exploring different hats all week.  Daddyo bought new clippers and yesterday Daddyo and Max talked about it and Max ended up with an awesome new hairstyle. Though Max put a hat on to go the store yesterday, He spent the whole day without a hat at home, even when Brockmyers came over for a swim and dinner!  Today is fathers day.. though for me personally  it isn’t a big deal. I try to explain to people that as family of two dads that both Mothers and Fathers Day just aren’t a big deal. I observe that the celebrations for these days largely fall on the spouse of the opposite gender, and I actually feel fortunately that we don’t feel like we have to do that.

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