Flip and Twist

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

A new week of summer vacation.  As long as the day contains a little structure and a lot of “free time”, it seems to go well so far this summer.  We went to Target in the morning. Evan had some birthday money he wanted to spend. He got a Jurasic World lego set. He is dying to see all the movies, which I am fine with. Evan doesn’t scare easily and has never complained of nightmares.  However the other two would definitely have nightmares so we’ll have to find a way for Evan to see those movies with just a dad at some point. Today the kids didn’t swim at all, but Evan went to visit with David D in the afternoon and they swam. Sophie and Max enjoyed their afternoon together, mostly giggling about something they were doing on the iPad.  They were in such a silly mood I was a little scared that they wouldn’t focus at gymnastics..but they did. Max didn’t put a hat on  ALL DAY long!  Even at target in the morning, and Gymnastics this evening.  Something switched in his head, and he is now liking his hair cut and is over whatever it was that was bugging him about his hair for the last two years.  He did however use some sort of waxy product in his hair today… I think it was lip balm…

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