Lock down – End of march sometime

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Covid 19 life started for us on Friday March 13. After school got out we realized that it was time we sheltered in place. We new it was coming soon by order, but got a jump on things by shopping and eating lunch at C Knight one last time with Ellie while kids were in school. A whole new world for dads and kids. Home schooling began, and we settled into a new routine pretty quickly. Ellie lives it of course. Lots of people at home 24/7 for her to be entertained by. I think it helps all of us too, always something to do, a change of pace, and a reminder of how wonderful human life is. Thursday March 27 Ellie stood by herself for a few seconds. She has done that a couple of times since. No real steps though. On Sunday March 29 she climbed the stairs (crawling) with no assistance at all.. just Daddya following behind her. Ellie is sleeping so well. 8 to 6 at least every night. She is starting to love food too. Risotto with carrot definitely a favorite. Ministrone soup and banana also top choices for her.

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