11 month old! April 6 2020

Monday, April 6th, 2020

Ellie turned 11 months on April 6. Her adoption day was suppose to be April 7th, but we suspected it would be delayed due to the COVID lockdown, and it was. At this , point we don’t have a new date and are just waiting patiently. We would love to have it done, and the kids really really want to have it done. It doesn’t feel like it changes anything, but there is sense of finality to it all that we are all looking forward to. Meanwhile Ellie continues to grow and change and impress! She has eight teeth now, and is eating more and more food. Getting ready to give up formula, down to 3 bottles (or parts of bottles a day) Her favorite foods are Bananas, Carrot Risotto, and Cinnamon Raisin toast. She isn’t quite walking yet. Standing without support since just about her 11 month bday, and then cruising around the ottoman, and to the couches a lot. Today the kids said twice that she took one step as she turned and moved towards them. Ellie is also loving swimming! Pool finally got warm enough this week for kids to go it. Ellie has her Unicorn float and LOVES LOVES LOVES to float around and splash.

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