Growing- June 24

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Walking progressed slowly until June 10th. She started making longer journeys, and we caught here walking all the way down the hall, turning and walking back. By June 12th she was walking more than she was crawling, and a couple days after that, she gave up crawling completely. Now, on June 24th, she is in constant motion and wants to walk 24/7! Ellie still loves the pool. It’s hot now, so we swim every day after her second nap. We have started giving her an otter pop whie she floats! A few weeks before that, we realized that she was Definitely saying two words. dada was becoming clearer and she was saying it more to get our attention. She was also using “ya” for “yes”. There were definitely times we would ask a question and get a “ya” answer, for something she definitely wanted. On June 12, on the video with Jessie, we realized that she also has a word for Jessie. “Jeji”! On June 23, yesterday, she say a cat on TV and very clearly said “kitty”! Not sure why, we don’t talk about kitties a lot.. but it was definitely a word she kept saying whenever she say it. So her first 4 words: Dadda, Yes, Jessie, and Kitty!

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