July 2020 – Ellie

Monday, July 20th, 2020

Ellie is no running, climbing on everything and getting cuter by the day. After ‘yeah’, daddy, and jessie, she started using more and more words very quickly. Her use of Daddy is adorable. She calls all 5 of us daddy! Her 4th word was definitely “up”. Toward the end of July, she uses this A LOT! She has also started shaking her head “yes” instead of using the word “yeah” more and more often. “Ball” is pretty much her 5th word… especially when in the pool she uses it a lot. The pool.. she still swims just about every day. She is great at blowing bubbles and doesn’t mind getting splashed or getting her face wet. She loves dropping things in the pool, loves to visit with the “duck”. (which might be her 7th word.. we can’t quite make it out but I think she wants to say it). Her 6th word, i believe is “google”.   She pronounces it “owl”.  She tries to talk to it in her room.

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