“The world will never be the same” (Hamilton)

Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Almost a year in to the pandemic. School for Evan, Sophie and Max has been an interesting year. Max has evolved quite a bit. He has Mrs Brennan this year. She has been amazing at keeping the kids engaged, and being a real, if only virtual, pretense in his life. Max is lucky to have two close friends in his class, Adam and Eleanor. Max has learned a few things as the year has gone. He has become quite good at monitoring himself, making sure he gets his work done, and being present and respectful in class. He will try, once in a while, to get away with something. We have to check on him a couple of times a day, but really, we are very pleased with the maturity he has shown. Most impressively, Max has worked very hard to get his room and desk, a great place for learning. Of course it serves as his gaming location also, but because he can only game on the weekends, during the week his awesome space is dedicated to school. He spends a lot of time organizing and moving things around to keep it functional, cool looking, neat, and interesting for himself.

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