Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Evan counted to “60” today with no help (except he said 50 wrong at first). Max can count to “10” and correctly identify up to 2 objects.  Sophie is counting 10 objects now, and can stop when she runs out of objects. Up until recently she use to continue counting even after she ran out of things to count.

Evan Turns Four

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Evan had his fourth birthday at “pump it up”. He went to two birthday parties there before his, and really wanted his there as well. He had a great time. Almost every kid from his preschool class came, as well as a ton of family and friends. He got so many gifts, and handled himself well the whole day. DSC_7754


Height Check

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

In this photo, taken March 19, 2011, all three kids were standing against the refrigerator holding hands. I don’t remember why, but i thought it was a good chance to get them all in a picture and remember how they compare in height. This is during the month that Evan and Sophie are both 3 years old.DSC_7708

Spring Fun

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Through the very wet month of March, we found some new and fun things to do in the house. One thing that all three kids began to enjoy – was building forts in the living room. As Max is more able to pretend like he is one of the big kids, all three would go into the fort for a pretty good period of time and watch a movie on “Sophie’s computer”. Sophie loves to use the little DVD player we have and watch movies on it. She’ll take a stack of movies, and just watch one or more.  She calls the DVD player her computer.


photo taken March 19, 2011

Sophie Turns Three

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Sophie turned 3 on April 30, 2011. We had a small party with family and neighbors to celebrate.




“Look, it’s Springtime” (Producers)

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

A great weekend in Fair Play. Bittersweet because we decided to rent out our Fair Play house to our friend Sarah and her family for at least the next year. With Daddy David doing real estate in the city, it means we will have to spend more time at home on the weekends, and going to Fair Play just won’t happen all that much. We had a great time in some great weather.  Eating outside, Playing in the yard, visiting Fitzpatrick’s for lunch and the beautiful new Skinner Winery.   Evan and Sophie seem to enjoy the time up there, but there are also the times they don’t want to go outside because of bugs! We’ll try not going for a year, and see what happens. We’ll probably have to go up anyway to visit – there is just too much up there that has become part of our lives not to visit for Pizza night, Boccanato, and Wineries.

“Merrily We Roll Along”

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

St Philips Preschool had the annual “trike-a-thon” this week -raising money for St Jude’s. Evan raised over $200 for the kids, and was very proud. Of course Sophie wanted to ride her tri-cycle too!  Evan and Sophie both rode their trikes around the track set up in the schoolyard for over 30 minutes, and loved every minute of it.  Once Evan found out that there was a pitstop with lemonade, he stopped every few times around. Sophie, for her part, figured out she could make much better time if she cut through the middle of the track half way around! Fun morning – looking forward to next year when Max can be there too!


“I get a kick out of you” (Anything Goes)

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

The family made an exciting trip to Southern California this month. The highlight of the trip was having the kids meet their biological Great Grandma Connie (Angela’s Mother’s Mother) and Grandpa Gary (Angela’s Dad).  It took each of them a few minutes to warm up, but by the end of our morning together all three of them were playing around the house, happily eating the snacks provided by Great Grandma, and showing off their strength, beauty and intelligence to Grandpa. All three made us very proud, and made Great Grandma and Grandpa very happy. Daddy’s came away from the morning understanding a little more why these 3 kids are so special! What an incredible family of caring, smart, loving and VERY HEALTHY people they were born into!  I also found out that Grandpa watches the blog for updates, so (for you Gary) I promise to be more diligent about getting stuff on here!


Evan shows his grandpa his buzz lightyear.


Max takes a snack from Great Grandma


Max shows Grandpa how strong he is


Max gets a kiss from Great Grandma Connie.


take a look at this yard... the home of great grandma.. does it all herself!


Sophie, Evan and Max sitting on Grandma's step watching the kitty cat.

“For we need a little Christmas” (Mame (or Glee))

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Christmas Day 2010.    9:00 PM and two out of three kids are still crying trying to get themselves to sleep. Seems natural enough I guess – it was an exciting and full day with presents from morning till night, large meals that were largely ignored for the candy canes and chocolates that seem to be everywhere.

Christmas for a three year old? Evan was still obsessed with Candy Canes. We considered eliminating all candy canes from Christmas this year, but instead decided to go with the flow.  Evan loves candy canes –  not eating them really, just collecting them, unwrapping them, and occasionally taking a lick. I have no idea why. Next to the candy canes the holiday was all about Toy Story. Evan asked Santa for 10 triggers, and by triggers he meant laser guns that he used on the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney World. He got two and whatever time he wasn’t obsesses with candy canes he spent happily playing with his favorite Buzz Lightyear Laser.  I am pretty sure that other than jelly beans, a few licks of candy canes, and two yogurt parfaits, the only thing he ate was 3 bits of steak at dinner. However he is the only one not crying at the moment, so either a three  year old copes better with Christmas, or that is the perfect menu for a kids Christmas.

Christmas for a two year old was pretty much as we expected. Having discovered that she loves everything pink and princess recently, Santa delivered everything with that theme and she loved it all! Sophie had been asking for pink roller skates for weeks, and sure enough they were the favorite gift received today and she did great rollerskating around the house (with the wheels locked) whenever she could.  On the way home from dinner at Lolo’s and Lola’s house, a Brittney Spears Christmas  song came on the radio. As a gay man I suppose I should be horrified, but as a dad I was very proud when out of the blue Sophie said, “Dad, I don’t like this song, turn it off”. At the end of the day she screamed bloody murder and didn’t want to be left alone to fall asleep. I’ll chalk that one up to being overstimulated and out of routine, hopefully we’ll return to ‘normal’ tomorrow.

Max – 14 months and not really his first Christmas, but too young for a second Christmas. Max definitely has a cold, and despite being quite the trouper, I have a feeling he  only half enjoyed the day. Evan and Sophie opened most of his presents while he wandered into the playroom and picked out toys that have been there his whole life. The bright spot of his day was seeing the cousins and having them dote on him all through the end of the day and dinner.

So I should have some lessons for next year, right? What did i learn? Probably not much. I don’t think I would change much – just let it flow, and try to enjoy each moment. Evan saying “Daddy, this is the best present ever” – Sophie’s determination to use the roller skates unassisted, and seeing her dressed up in her Christmas clothes – and Max’s smile as he toddles around the house looking for the next adventure! All priceless reminders of why I love my life!

Max, Kendra, Sophie, Dalton, Evan and Maren on Christmas Eve.

Max, Kendra, Sophie, Dalton, Evan and Maren on Christmas Eve.

“When I go out walking with my baby” (State Fair)

Monday, December 13th, 2010

November 13, 2010

Max’s first steps.

Untitled from David Bowik on Vimeo.